I Want to be a Sportswriter

I mean, how hard could it be? These guys, who for the most part have never played the games that they write about, are the worst sorts of bandwagon jumpers. When the Rox were struggling in the early part of the season their daily screed was nothing but hypercritical statements of the obvious; the Rockies were not playing well. There were pontifications about who should be traded away, about how the Monfort brothers would never have a winning team, and calls for the dismissal of manager Clint Hurdle (which ultimately came to be.) It appears that all you have to do is jump off the bandwagon, write how bad the teams are ( including all of the sports teams here in town ) and publish.

But then, as soon as the team gets it turned around, their limbs somehow slither back onto the Rockies express. Take this piece today:

Respect for the Franchise Must Start Here

Hmmm, maybe he means it should start with him ( or Chief-Clown Woody Paige ).