She Loves You Ya, Ya, Ya

Paul McCartney Paul McCartney flashed his hip bona fides last week when he took a cheap shot at the intelligence of former president Bush, igniting peels of laughter throughout the White House and those in attendance. An immediate demand for an apology was made but the silence of the has-been bassist is loud and clear. What do you suppose Sir Paul would say if Screeching Weasel were playing a show at Buckingham Palace and Ben referred to the Queen as a ‘tossing Limey’? Probably nothing, right?

Aside from his arrogant boorishness, do we really care what wisdom Sir Paul has to offer?

Hey Jude, don’t make it bad…

How is it that celebrity of any sort suddenly makes people think that the speaker has credibility on anything other than singing or acting or writing stories or whatever their field of endeavor is. (Sidebar: what exactly is the field of endeavor of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Jon Gosselin?) I’m unable to locate any citations documenting Sir Paul’s long history of geopolitical involvement such that he is qualified to determine the intelligence or leadership capabilities of a two-term American President.

I want to hold your hand… 

When we invest our time listening to the drivel of McCartney, the hypocrisy of Bono, or the fevered Socialist ramblings of Sean Penn, we miss out on hearing the truly wise voices among us. It’s our responsibility to establish higher standards for those we invite to influence our lives. Wisdom and not record sales should be the qualifier. Time in front of the camera should count for less than time involved in thinking about life and the world. Demanding from a concert stage or private jet that Africa be saved should ring hollow when contrasted with those who dedicate themselves to Medicins Sans Frontieres.

I think I’m gonna be sad.

I think its today, yeah.

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