Sunday Prayer of the Contrite

From The Path of Celtic Prayer, Miller reminds us that ” The self-sufficient, on the other hand, see God as a mere topic of discussion. Therefore, only the needy really have a God.”

Attributed to a ninth-century Welsh poet:

Grant me tears, O Lord, to blot out my sins;

may I not cease from tears, O God, until I have been purified.

May my heart be  burned by the fire of redemption…

Grant me contrition of heart so that I may not be in disgrace:

O Lord, protect me and grant me tears,

O Creator flowing in streams from my eyes.

For my anger, my jealousy, and my pride, a foolish deed, in pools

from my inmost parts bring forth tears.

My falsehood, my lying and my greed, grievous the three,

to banish them all from me…grant me tears.

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