No more room under the bus!

Senator Obama provided yet another glimpse of his true character (or lack thereof) as he threw his entire church under the bus the weekend in a desparate act of political expediency. It’s getting quite crowded under there as, in the past few weeks, he has thrown his grandmother and pastor beneath the wheels of his juggernaut towards the monarchy presidency. Is this character of a leader? What voter believes that he would not cast them aside with equal vigor the moment that they or their interest group becomes a burden to his grand ambitions?


One thought on “No more room under the bus!”

  1. This small town white middle class American has seen enough of Obama that he will never get my vote. I don’t like the idea of being punish for something my great great grandfather did or didn’t do. Obama’s Church is saying that we raped the blacks and now we have to pay the price! I say to them “get the h___ off my back and get their own house in order!

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