Pride in the Future

Last weekend was graduation time for our local school district and my wife and I had the blessing of watching our son receive his diploma and recognition for his International Baccalaurete studies.  We received an invitation to return to our old home town to celebrate their son’s graduation since the boys had grown up together.

I was overjoyed to see many of the boys that I had coached in baseball and led in cub scouts and boy scouts in their grown up state. Many of them I had not seen for at least four years and I was happy to see that they had grown into fine young men. I was especially proud to find out that two of the young men were giving of themselves and joining the United States Marine Corps this July. I can remember them as boys and now I was able to congratulate them as men. The future is in good hands.

God bless them and all of the young people facing adult life for the first time.

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