Who Are Those Guys?

That line, originally tossed off by both Butch and Sundance as they looked over their shoulders at the pursuers who would not quit, has been asked more often in recent days of the surging Colorado Rockies. Few of them had were familiar with the players, much less having seen the team play. Strange, in a world of satellite television and 24 hours sports news. Perhaps the reason that the Kid Rox are such strangers is that they are not in the news for dog fighting, steroid abuse, tantrums and threats to sit out their contracts, drug problems, alcohol driven incidents, or any of the other myriad issues that athletes succumb to these days.

Perhaps USA Today was on to something back in June when they ran the story entitled “Baseball’s Rockies seek revival on two levels.” Give the article a read and get to use our boys in Purple (who have stuck with the black tunic in hopes of not interrupting the streak) a little better.

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