Former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are putting their energies, not into strife torn state of the world, but into organizing Baptists against the enemy at home, the evil, judgmental fundamentalist. Mark Tooley posts over at FrontPage magazine (here) about the upcoming congress of the ‘New Baptist Covenant’. The ex-presidents hope to bifurcate the Southern Baptist Convention, organizing members whose politics lean left away from the fundamentalist doctrines into a new body with a Social Gospel agenda.

Curtis Laws first put the word fundamentalist into the lexicon as an appelation describing someone who stood in support of the historic doctrines of the church while arrows were being shot at these beliefs by more liberal movements within the Church.  In other words, the fundamentalist stood tall against the erosion of doctrine by the creeping encroachment of secularism and one who did not believe in an ‘evolving’ gospel. Today, this steadfast honoring of God’s inerrant word is known as judgementalism.

Historic fundamentalists will take literally the word of the Lord in Matthew 25:31-46 and the mission that it informs. They will not need political committees or lobbying efforts to simply bring water to the thirsty, food to the hungry, clothes to the unclothed, and companionship to those imprisoned. The ‘judgmental’ fundamentalist will do this for those people that they might find it difficult to love but they will do it because the inerrant word of God tells them to do so. Dividing the church further will do nothing but start a new round of judgmental name calling that further tarnishes the image of the Savior and the Church He loves.

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