Raising TULIPs

A recent leadership discussion has me thinking once again about the importance of theology to the day to day life of the body of Christ. I am of the conviction that one’s theological framework gives us the lens through which to view the decisions and direction of a life guided by the Holy Spirit. Do minor disagreements on theological issues put the first crack in an otherwise solid leadership foundation? As the leader of the leaders, how far should I go to gain consistency of thought within the leadership team?

I’ve been kicking around a book idea for several months now about this very topic. It seems important to provide a guide to the process of teaching Calvinist doctrine to men and women in the laity, one that shows how the key doctrinal points and the position one takes can affect how we view our place in the Missio Dei. The level needs to be popular rather than scholastic and practical more than theoretical. Maybe today is the day to get started…

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