Theology of Creativity : Motivation


All activity, creative or otherwise, begins with motivation. There is nothing that spontaneously occurs without a motive energy behind it and the creativity within you is no different. When you sing, write, paint, shape, photograph, or devise a new idea, each action began with the firing of energy placed by God as a part of the image dei within you. While the spark will fire and ignite the motivation, the response is ours to make.

God created but what was His motivation? He was not in need of anything. He did not require the acclaim that would come from such a magnificent achievement. What God did desire was an expression of His love. Love is the foundation of creation and its initial perfection. Love sees it fullest expression in the fellowship that the Creator now has with his creation.

When we utilize the creative spark imbued in each of us, it is also an expression of love. We bring the divine image out for others to see when we bring our gifts to life in creative practice. Your motivation is not glory or acclaim but the audience of one for whom your creation is the most precious thing. Some people will say that they are not motivated to create, that they lack the spark. With the divine image within, we have to ask ourselves not why we don’t have the spark but rather, what we are allowing to smother it.

Photo by Akbar Simonse

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