The Hidden Image of God

Taking advantage of a glorious winter day, with no wind and the snow having recently melted away, I returned to the hibernating yard to perform a bit of touch up. Leaves missed in the autumn raking gathered along the edges of the grass in intermittent piles, blending with the straw-colored lawn. As the rake clawed the leaves away, a beautiful sight was revealed; the grass protected by leaves from the cold and wind and the low winter sun was as green as deepest summer.

In each person lies the beauty of the image of God, the imago dei. Under perfect conditions it would be on display for all to see. Many people, however, hide it beneath protective layers, or worse, the muck and mire of the world. Receiving the gospel gift sets in motion the first stirring of the outer layers as the image within begins to be revealed. First one layer and then another, as the old is shaken off (Col 3:9). The gospel work continues to remove the covering, conforming the person to the likeness of their Archetype.

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