Defining Real Winners

The Real WinThe Real Win by Colt McCoy and Matt Carter

McCoy and Carter save the most important idea for the very last chapter of their book “The Real Win”. In a chapter entitled ‘What You Leave Behind’ the two men’s men finally answer the why question that men will want addressed when called to live as fully devoted followers of Christ. Men will sacrifice and die on a hill far away from home when they have something to believe in and value, but today’s church often fails to give them that reason. When the reader finally turns to the last few pages of the text he reads about the importance of thinking about the end, about the legacy that a man will leave with those he has led and influenced.

“The Real Win” is a call to Christian men to rethink their manhood in light of the word of God. The priorities of God for men of faith differ significantly from the messages that are received from the culture. Winning, for example, is often defined in the world in terms of money, power, authority and accumulation. The Bible, on the other hand, speaks of success in terms of obedience, servanthood and trusting in the providence of an unseen God. Men who follow the biblical proscription will stand out in the world, different as they are.

The authors have balanced the book well, giving the reader an insight into both their successes and failures as men. Rather than showing themselves as supermen who have lived perfectly in the face of the world’s challenges, both Quarterback and Pastor reflect upon the less glorious moments of their lives and what they learned from those experiences. Every page will not resonate with every man and there are some questionable standards espoused. Pastor Carter, as an example, says that he will not hire anyone into a ministry position unless they have wept openly upon reading the Scriptures. This position doesn’t take into account any God-given differences in personality, expression or reception and makes the reader suspect that might be similar legalism buried in the rest of his writing.

The book is a valuable contribution to the efforts to men to live their faith. Reading and talking about their faith is one thing, putting hands and feet and commitment to their stated beliefs is the greater challenge. We pray that men will heed the call.

I’m grateful to Multnomah Books who provided this copy for review.

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