Teach Me Some Melodious Sonnet

Then Sings My Soul Book 3 by Robert J. Morgan

imageUnlike other books of this genre that provide insight into the background of our favorite hymns, Then Sings My Soul inspires. Christians raised on the worship music of today will discover the passion and depth of songs that they had never considered including in a set as they encounter the stories outside of John Newton or Horatio Spafford’s lives. Reading the accounts of tragedy and triumph that have led those who came before to pen the words that have endured as tools of worship for centuries in the ever-transitive life of the Church.

Morgan expands the individual accounts in this volume with material that expands the perspective of the reader in a number of directions. Brief sketches of musical movements throughout different eras broaden our understanding of why, for example, the German hymns follow the developmental course that they did and that the English hymnal is more than a collection of drinking songs. At the other end of this volume, Morgan includes a series of extended stories that will open the reader’s eyes, in many cases bringing new color and texture to some long-treasured life stories shared over and over in worship.

Of special interest is a brief plea to worship leaders to reconsider the concept of blended worship. Having spoken these same words to the Church many times, to read Robert’s eloquent support of intertwining ancient-historic-modern music was heartening. All inspired music has a story to tell, and the worship leader facing an intergenerational congregation honors God and His people by blending all of the eras to lead each to learn from another.

I am grateful to Thomas Nelson who provided this copy for review.

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