Lent Spent with the Psalms Day Twenty One

imageMost believers would say aloud that grace is not cheap. Whether out of habit, training, or true belief, the sentiment is expressed in our voices and writings. We ask ourselves today, is it apparent to those outside of the family? When the lost look at our lives and our churches do they see the same thing expressed?

Or have we forgotten this?

In Psalm 81, the psalmist reminds Israel never to forget what God had done for them..

Hear, O my people, and I will warn you—if you would but listen to me, O Israel?

You shall have no foreign god among you; you shall not bow down to an alien god.

I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it. (vv 8-10)

Our prayers can rehearse the way in God has brought each of us up out of our personal bondage in Egypt. We can humble ourselves before the crucifix on the hill at Calvary. Or we can forget and cheapen the grace bestowed upon us, taking it for granted and blending back in with the world.

Grace and peace to you…

image paco CT

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