Psalm 57 My Heart is Steadfast, O God

image I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.

He sends from heaven and saves me, rebuking those who hotly pursue me; God send his love and his faithfulness. (vv 2-3)

We are flighty creatures, given to shifting alliances and dalliances with suspicious centers of strength, sometimes at the merest hint of a shift in the wind. Trouble pursues us, danger surrounds us on all sides and our demise seems imminent. Someone or something appears whispering the siren song of security. Follow me it says. Trust me.

Often the temptation takes the form of contrast; why trust in something you cannot see when I am here before you.

King David knew danger and yet, his trust in God never waivered. His heart was steadfastly committed to the One who would save him even though there might be danger involved.

I am in the midst of lions; I lie among ravenous beasts—men whose teeth are spears and arrows, whose tongues are sharp swords. (v4)

Danger abounds but the steadfast heart trusts in God and is confirmed by observation of history and circumstances.

They spread a net for my feet—I was bowed down in distress.

They dug a pit in my path – but they have fallen into it. (vv 6)

Have you looked back on your years and considered how danger and trouble have passed? Perhaps for some of us, the trouble has lasted a lifetime without relief while others have been untouched and we wonder why this is. As David does, we turn our eyes back to the first verses of the psalm. We may not know the purpose that He has for us but we know from searching the scriptures that it is ultimately good in the context of His eternal plan. Can we trust in this, knowing that our troubles serve a higher purpose? It is difficult in our finiteness but, as David does, we can praise also and continue to work our hearts into trusting shape. We too can say,

I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed. (v1b)

No matter how long that time may extend…


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