With Christ in the School of Prayer


We are not naturally inclined to the spiritual discipline of prayer. We are able to develop a habit of speaking prayer forms as we hear them from others but the deep communion of a conversation with God. It is something that we must be taught to do properly just as the first disciples were when they said to the Lord “teach us to pray.” South African pastor Andrew Murray left us with a classic primer with which to guide our training in the discipline. With Christ in the School of Prayer was first published in 1885 and has served the Church since as a basic training manual in how to pray and it will do the same for us as we develop our strength in the discipline.

One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.” Luke 11:1

As we have seen we delve into the Scriptures, Jesus was The master of prayer. His communion with the Father, unimpeded by sin as our is, was full and deep and perfect. Where prayer before His ministry was to the majestic God of Israel, now the disciples would have been hearing Jesus address God much more personally, as the Father. They also knew the connection between the power of His ministry and His secret prayer life and they desired this same relationship for their own lives. We, like the disciples, begin our own discipline by petitioning Christ to be our teacher as well.

And so we begin, “Lord, teach us to pray…”

2 thoughts on “With Christ in the School of Prayer”

  1. God made in the image of man ! the god mentioned above who hates and demands death to be propitiated is no different to the mythical gods of Rome and Greece
    where this odius belief came from.

    Love and hate cannot exist together. the god you talk about is no better than hitler or any other tyrant.

    the god i know is all love and the very word forgiveness denotes no price. please read up on roman and greek mythology and under stand the foundation of your
    vengeful , hating and anthropomorphic personality.

    your understanding of god is the reason there is so much war and hatred in this world.


  2. Carl, what exactly does this have to do with Christ teaching prayer? Unless you meant to comment on one of the atonement posts and missed the mark. You’re welcome to join the conversation over there if you like.

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