Bear Flag Revolt 2009

image Though I’ve lived in Colorado for 23 years, I remain a Californio at heart. To see the depths to which the Golden State has sunk is depressing. The once flourishing land of infinite promise which lured seekers for decades has become a moribund captive to the legislative Meerkat band that is systematically destroying the core of the state and whose rapaciousness is matched only by certain especially virulent strains of the plague. California has become divided into roving hordes of special interests who, by the very definition of the term, care nothing for the ideals and desires of the other. As is their privilege, these groups elect the pirates in Sacramento expecting them to remember that the elect are beholden to them. Divisions become deeper, battle lines are drawn, and the order for no retreat is passed along the line.

The 1846 Bear Flag Revolt was an uprising against despotism and oppression, a condition that the current residents can easily identify with. Perhaps its time for a repeat stand against the tyranny of those elected to represent but who take the election as a mandate to rule. A clean house should be restored in Sacramento and perpetual embarrassments on the national stage like Waxman, Boxer, Pelosi, and Feinstein sent home. All of this can be done by people in the same tranquility that marked the first rebellion, by the use of their vote. As the first president of the California Republic, William Ide, said “Choose ye this day what you will be!” Free men and women restoring the luster of the Golden State or servants to the plutocracy.



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