The Think Big Manifesto by Michael Port


I trusted Seth Godin up to this point. I valued his insight and when he said something is a must-read it seemed like a good investment of time. But now, after investing the day I spent reading The Think Big Manifesto, I’m wondering if my trust was misplaced.

Port has written the perfect Seinfeld book. Heavy on the platitudes and soaring rhetoric, it fails to move the reader to action. Here’s an example:

To think big is to know what we stand for and let it guide us in everything we do; to maintain our integrity in the face of a world filled with slack thinking, lazy habits, and flexible principles; to imagine the possibilities of the world and go out and do them –build a business, green the environment, rid the streets of crime, reengineer the foster care system, write a novel, run a marathon, protect animal rights, raise a child, become a vegetarian, join a nonprofit board, fight hunger and poverty, redesign our educational system, foster a peaceful and tolerant community, and the list never ends.

On the other hand, now that I’ve typed that paragraph maybe I do understand what the book is about. It is 166 pages of an idea that could have been expressed on one—Think Big.  Let me save you some dough.

Use your God-given imagination and the power that He has vested in you and get excited about the possibilities that surround you. Right a wrong. Care for somebody—anybody. Develop an attitude of submission. Make something that didn’t exist until your heart and soul brought it to life. Live fully. (Oops, that last one is a platitude.)

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