Ethics Week


The next series of posts that I am writing are going to be an exploration of ethics and morality. After taking several days away from the thoroughly depressing study of atheism and its ultimately nihilistic conclusion, I want to focus on a single topic in the discussion to see if we can come to a settled position on the topic. The questions that set the discussion in motion are these:

How do we define ethics and morals and on what basis?

Can there be a definition of good and bad without an ultimate judge of goodness or badness?

What is Ethics?

We start by defining terms. Ethics is commonly defined as the body of moral principles that is held by a culture, group, or individual and which governs their decisions and actions. A moral idea or action is one which pertains to the principles of right conduct or distinguishes between wrong and right. As you can see from these simple definitions, there appears to be considerable gray area to be explored. I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts and contributions on the subject.

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