The Day of the Risen Lord

In a couple of hours, the sun will rise above believers huddled in the cold mountain air. We will be seeking hope, a new day in which lives of promise are once again lived. Many non-believers and cultural Christians will be among us this morning and we have a singular opportunity to show them something that they may not see the remainder of the church year, the lives of truly transformed followers of Christ. Just as Elisha told the King that he was about to see a miraculous outpouring that reversed a famine (2 Kings 7:2), there was doubt. Those who see us celebrating this day may look favorably on us for a moment, but there will still be doubt in their minds the other 51 weeks between now and next Easter. As the Lord rose and showed the world beyond a doubt that there was hope in Him, today is the day in which we should all decide that every moment from here on out will be devoted to showing the hope that lies within us. We must not wait until the last day to discover that God looked upon His Church as a modern Sardis.

He is Risen!

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