Lent 2009 – 38 Steps To The Cross


All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because

“God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” (1 Peter 5:5)

Any journey gets immeasurably easier when the destination comes into sight. In our lives, our objective is to submit to the transformative work of the Holy Spirit as he leads us to finally become Christlike, but many times, I know that I have trouble seeing how my current state will ever be like the glorious Lord. Sometimes we find our confidence growing as we look toward intermediate markers along the road, things that can be reached in a shorter period. Watching Peter stumble along trying to follow Jesus but stubbing his toes over and over along the way we find a fellow follower more in our image.

Peter brings us hope as we step toward the cross because even though he is flawed like us, he get’s it after learning things the hard way. We get angry, we blurt out inappropriate things, we fail to see what is right before us, and we even fail to see the bigger picture but Peter gives us hope because his messy transformation is our halting, sputtering, tumbling transformation. Not perfect by any stretch, but humbly following close behind our savior.

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