An Advent Benediction

May the Lord bless you with an aching heart.

An aching heart that beats with His as He longs to gather all of His children,

as He surveys the discord amongst His family, and the condition of His Church.


May the Lord bless you with burning eyes.

Eyes that travel to and fro and view the troubles of the world as opportunities,

eyes that see the people that are often unseen, and eyes that can look forward more than they look backward.


May the Lord bless you with a deep, abiding sorrow.

An anguish at the numbers of lost, of the found who have fallen aside, and for the found who continue to deceive themselves.

A sorrow at allowing doubt and mistrust into our souls and within our community.


May the Lord richly bless you with a childlike humility to know that the Spirit within you knows no boundaries.

May He simplify your thinking, replacing doubt with trust, and move you to change the world.

To sooth the aching heart, salve the reddened eyes, and turn sorrow to Joy.



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