Christians at the Border by Daniel Carroll R.

image You can read my review here of M. Daniel Carroll R.’s new book Christians at the Border. Carroll makes the case for framing the discussion of immigration in Christian terms. His prescription centers on keeping the humanity, the imago dei, in the forefront of our attention as we consider possible responses to the dilemma the country faces in dealing with various mass migrations into the culture. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

Danny Carroll was one of the most influential of my seminary professors. He taught me Old Testament and Hebrew but more importantly, his direction toward seeing how important the image of God in people is was deeply challenging to my outlook on social justice issues. He always demands that our theology expand beyond ‘helicoptering’ into a passage and extracting a truth from a proof text without considering the total context of God’s story throughout history. Carroll insists that our vision of God expand and expand as we grow in Christ.

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