Hallelujah! Michael Moore Finds God

Speaking with former sportsreader Keith Olberman, “documentary” filmmaker Michael Moore stated unequivocally that hurricane Gustav heading towards NOLA as the Republican convention is set to convene is proof positive of the existence of God. While I find agreement with his conclusion about God’s existence, we might find distasteful his desire for a repeat of the carnage of Katrina simply to forward his failed political goals.

Personally, Michael, you might want to consider the perfection that soon to be Vice President Palin ascribes to her new child as proof of the existence of an all loving God. If you have any questions, let me know.

2 thoughts on “Hallelujah! Michael Moore Finds God”

  1. Michael Moore is a very sad and pathetic person in this world. I can only pray that he truly does find God and realize that his hateful behavior is more harming to our country and society than the people he is always trying to bring down. If he wants to support “change” so much, why doesnt he start with himself !!! I dont know who he thinks he is but he needs a serious change in his behavior.

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