Politics and the Christian

Politics are not the task of a Christian. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Should we as Christians take this as a definitive statement? Is there no place in the political arena for a follower of Christ or is the whole of politics so fraught with temptation and corruption that even the Holy Spirit might hesitate to tread? Unlike Luther who insisted on a separation of the world into two kingdoms, the sacred and the worldly with a barrier between, I see the whole of the world as God’s dominion. As his servants, we are to surrender nothing and if called, participation in politics is no exception.

It is important, as the calendar turns toward fall and the upcoming election, that we begin to examine the positions of the candidates in light of Christian values and the Word of God. We can debate the positions but the Word, traditional values, and the historical church will provide us with the final word.

2 thoughts on “Politics and the Christian”

  1. And I think certainly, being in America where it’s a democracy, Christians can be called to voice their concerns about the treatment of people, and how best to help them.

  2. You’re right Caroline. The Christian perspective needs to be applied, not by force but by influence. One of the avenues for this influence is our participation in the political arena.

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