Obama’s Racist America

Barack Obama is obsessed with race.

He has rarely allowed a major speaking opportunity go by without bringing up and refreshing the meme that all of those who oppose him are racists. Over and over he reminds America and the world that he’s different from the other candidates, that people are going to fear him, and even, that he does not look like the faces on our currency. Putting his megalomania aside for a second (what, precisely has he done for us to consider his face for inclusion on the next new dollar bill?), what reason does Mr. Obama give for these propositions that he voices?

Because he’s black.

Barack Obama, supposedly the post-racial candidate, is obsessed with his race. He is using it to both bludgeon the battlefield into shape and to silence his critics. By cravenly attributing the choice for an alternate candidate to his skin color alone, Obama labels non-support as racial opposition. This silences criticism of his lack of experience, his socialist tendencies, or even his constant assertion of victimhood because the critic fears being named a racist. In tandem with his appropriation of the history of such giants as Martin Luther King, this kind of fantastic rhetoric cheapens the entire history of race relations in this country.

The trouble for Obama comes when those who will not vote for him are being slapped with the racist label while they look at the company of true racists that he surrounds himself with and wonder why he cannot also identify them.  Reverend Wright, for example, espouses a theology that treats all whites (based on their skin color) as an amorphous mass of evil. Dear Mr. Obama, when pigment content is the identifier of those who are targeted for vitriol, that is racism.

I believe, when Mr. Obama clambers down from his elitist tower to tramp amongst the hoi polloi, he is going to discover an America that has long moved past the sharp racial divisions that he wants to draw across her people. When he gave his “famous” speech about race several weeks ago, he stated that we needed to start a conversation about race. Perhaps the news has not penetrated the walls that he surrounds himself with but America long ago commenced this conversation with great results. Certainly he will encounter pockets of bigotry and outright racism which, being the logician that he has demonstrated, will be proof positive for him that ALL people are racist. Sadly, this is human nature and we will not be able to eradicate it until the new heavens and new earth are formed. Until then, to continue to utilize race and racism as an antagonist rant against those who don’t support his candidacy is not only unbecoming a presidential candidate but it will run the risk of reversing some of the racial progress that has occurred in this country.

5 thoughts on “Obama’s Racist America”

  1. BO is not more uniting the country than he is the second coming of Christ.

    He’s racially dividing the country with his brilliantly orchestrated marketing campaign that continually leaves his opponents on the defensive.

    Obama has an Illinois history of finding ways to invalidate votes. (and it happened again in the primary against Clinton)

    If I were a bettin’ gal — I’d predict — this general election — Obama will find a way to invalidate a pocket of heavy Republican votes. I’d guess the overseas military vote will not be counted because of a technicallity.


  2. Doulos – could you please provide us with some examples of Obama’s racism (not Wright’s). Not that I don’t believe you – it’s an obvious political card to play – but I can’t find any examples using Google. I could go back and peruse my National Reviews, but I’m too lazy. 😉

  3. Sorry Christian, can’t do that because my argument is not that Obama himself is racist. That word, which must be carefully used, rather than casually tossed about as it is these days, is a label for someone or something who views a person as inferior or superior based solely on their racial component. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that this is not the case of Mr. Obama.

    On the other hand, we have several examples of late of him attempting to smear all those who oppose him with this label. His disparaging remark that “they’re” going to point out his dissimilarity to the faces on the currency, his truculent aside referencing “his funny name, and oh yeah, his blackness”, etc.; all are meant for two purposes – to shape the battlefield and the blanket the opposition. In this way, his supporters can dereference and say that any criticism of the candidate is based on race.

  4. People need to realize that even if we were all fair skinned and red headed we would still hate and kill each other. I actually think racism is great. It shows people’s true colors. With all the affirmative action/civil rights laws around you can’t tell who the racist are.

  5. I missed the smiley at the end of your message to show that you were smirking as you wrote of the greatness of racism. It’s easy enough to see people’s true ignorance without seeing their hate as well, don’t you think?

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