Friday is for Rawk! The Other Rush

Long overlooked but fantastic nonetheless, Ladies and Gentleman, Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush…

The last time I saw them was at a Day on the Green in 79 or 80 (Man, am I getting old!) and it was memorable in that one of our party swung a jug of lemonade at me, missed and hit one of Oakland’s “Angels” instead. Time stood still as the stream rose skyward and then, as he turned …

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  1. Dude! You totally listen to great stuff! I love FM&MR.

    Ok, since we’re on the music tip this is stuff that I like that’s out of the norm.

    Roy Buchanan’s – You’re Not Alone.


    You ever heard Journey’s first three albums before they got Steve Perry? Epic guitar albums.


    Al Di Meola

    What’s crazy is that I’m almost 50 years old and I listen mostly to either classic (hard) rock of deathmetal/thrash stuff. You know Slayer and all that kinda crap.

  2. You and I are of the same era and I too approach 50 in a couple of years! Let’s examine your list a bit:

    Hawkwind – I’m much more into Lemmy’s later creation.

    Journey – I had all three of those on vinyl (were they ever pressed on CD?) until my record collection was unceremoniously dumped (long, sad story). I saw Journey in the pre-Steve Perry incarnation at Monte Vista High School in the Bay Area playing tunes from these records.

    UFO – Schenker was and continues to be a loon but oh, how that boy can play. I’ve seen them a handful of times.

    How about Randy Hansen? Click over on my Flickr link and check out some of my old photography. I’ve got Randy, Lemmy, Robo, Pete, and some others I think. I keep meaning to scan all my old negatives and get my pictures out again.

    When I was in the music business many years ago, my wife and I were sitting around talking to the boys in Slayer. You know the performance persona of the band so you might expect them to be like that in person but they were the nicest guys (except for Kerry) you could ever talk to. In fact, what I remember was the old drummer, Dave?, talking about having to get back to LA the next day because he had to go to work at his drafting job. And tell the milkman to leave some extra cream….

    I’m going to check out some Buchanan right now.

  3. Since we are talking aobut the music bisiness, I worked for a concert promoter in Portland. The guys from Slayer have been to my house (as well as Megadeth, Exodus and a host of not so famous underground punk and metal acts). Also, I shared the stage with Eric Clapton when I was around eight years old. He played guitar for my aunt and (former) uncle – Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett.

    Bands I listen to on a regular basis:
    Pink Floyd
    Robin Trower
    AC/DC w/Bon Scott
    Pre MTV Judas Priest
    ZZ Top (up to Deguello)
    Mr. Bungle
    Pre MTV Yes
    Living Sacrifice
    Pat Metheny

  4. I was looking at you Faces in Rock on Flickr and noticed Dave Meniketti. Y&T is one of those bands that was huge in Japan but not really stateside. I was in Japan in the Marine Corps in the early 80s and there were lots of bands that I listened to that nobody has real heard of over here.

    Tygers of Pan Tang

  5. Tygers of Pan Tang!!!! NWOBHM! Sykes was a monster who went on to much bigger things. You and I must be brothers separated early in life. Similar to Journey, I was into Y & T when they were still Yesterday and Today slogging around the Bay Area. It seems like I used to see them about once a week. I’ve got a ton of great Meniketti pics that I’ll have to dig out.

    So, Portland, wasn’t that Wild Dogs territory? Metal Church too, or was that Seattle?

    Here is this week’s rotation:

    My Chemical Romance – new yesterday
    Pete Seeger
    Don Gibson

  6. Ooh, the Wild Dogs, I forgot about those guys. Metal Church was from Seattle but they played Portland all the time.

    Portland Bands that I was affiliated with in some way

    Village Idiot
    Spazztic Blurr
    Sweaty Nipples

  7. Village Idiot?!?!?! That could have been my favorite band! Are you a musician? I discovered one the bands we recorded back in the day over on youtube. Check out Brocas Helm – Into Battle.

    Currently listening to Marino – Real Live instead of working. I have an article due on Monday and I’ve got 1500 words left to go.

    Did you ever get into Loudness while in Japan?

  8. I play the guitar.

    Loudness was after I left Japan.
    One Japanese band I really liked thooght was call Yonin Bayashi. They were basically the Japanese version of Pink Floyd/Yes. Look up theit CD’s online. Used ones are going for hundreds of dollars!

    If you like Brocus Helm then Raven, Exciter, Alcatrazz, and Saxon ought to be right up your alley.

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  10. Okay, I can’t resist sharing this since you mentioned Saxon. My 25th wedding anniversary in next Wednesday, the 9th. We were originally scheduled to be married on the 2nd and my family had made travel arrangements and everything. But wait, they announced Saxon, Iron Maiden, and Fastway at the Cow Palace. Hmmm, priorities…so we changed the wedding date so we could go to the show. Great show as I recall.

    Saw Raven a couple of times, Exciter only once, and I just never got into Alcatraz.

    How about Exodus, Laaz Rockett, and Anvil Chorus?

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