Christians and the Vote

What are your standards for exercising your voting franchise in this important election year? There is no consensus among the church members in the United States as to who is fit to lead us as citizens so what requirements do you have? Whether Obama or McCain or some yet undefined third party candidate, your vote is too precious to exercise casually or emotionally.

Unlike a King or a Prophet, the Bible does not provide us the standards of a Godly president. We are required then to put our worldview into action and use it to examine the character and positions of the candidate and all of the political machine that follow in their wake. If we have allowed ourselves to become theologically soft we have nothing to fall back upon in performing this vital exercise. Now is the time to truly examine what you believe and determine how you are going to apply these beliefs to life in the world.

2 thoughts on “Christians and the Vote”

  1. I agree with you. As a Christian, a person should have integrity and vote for someone who has Christian values. But this election year, not any of the presidential candidates possess these. Obama, who claims to be a Christian is pro-choice, pro gay rights, birth control, etc. McCain is all for the Iraq war which was uncalled for and now there are over 4000 senseless deaths and thousands of soldiers and civilians who maimed. This is just as bad. I believe there is really no one to choose. I believe that I will probably not vote at all. I think God wants this of me.

  2. I have to agree with you that we are presented with less than ideal candidates this season but many times, it’s best to remember the idea that party trumps person. If we vote for one or the other we get the entire apparatus that follows along with him or her. In my opinion, Obama and his party are irredeemable in their lack of biblical mores and ethics. As to McCain and the war, you and I might differ in our view of the war but, consider it in terms of ‘Just War Theory.’ Was there an overwhelming evil that required action to prevent further evil? I believe that was the case.

    If God wants you to avoid involvement then by all means it is more important to follow the Spirit’s guiding. On the other hand, if there are parts of the platform that need your support then perhaps your vote may be crucial in fulfilling some other aspect of the kingdom.

    Peace and Blessings

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