Thank God for My Punishment

Obama provides us with further insight into how he views the unborn and their convenient disposal, referring to an unplanned pregnancy as a punishment. In referencing his own daughters and the possibility that despite his teaching on morals and standards, he stated that they should not be punished with a child. We can further extrapolate from his favorable stand on unfettered access to abortion that this punishment could only be mitigated by the extinguishing of the human life and the disposal of the unborn fetus.

My apologies Mr. Obama but a child, whether born or unborn, is not a punishment. You may view it as a consequence of engaging in sexual activity, but in no way should a child ever be referred to as a punishment. Perhaps those values and morals that you teach your daughters should be that Pro-Choice can mean something more than the free ability to dispose of a life; it can also be the choice not to engage in an activity that has specific and predictable biological consequences. I’ll be interested to see in the coming days how you finesse this staff. Perhaps the next time you are in church, you can ask about Psalm 139.

I’m eternally grateful for my punishment.


4 thoughts on “Thank God for My Punishment”

  1. This has been taken out of context. Basically, he was saying that he does not want his daughters to get pregnant when they are 16. I guess consequence would have been a better choice of words, but anyone who reads the entire exchange would know that he was not saying babies are a punishment in general.

  2. First of all, God bless you.

    Obama was absent from the Illinois Senate
    on November 4, 1999. His name was on 2 bills
    mentioned during that session.
    Does anyone know where Obama was on November 4?

  3. Purple, would this be the same way that Senator Obama continues to take Senator McCain’s statements out of context regarding staying in Iraq for 100 years? Basically he was saying that he wants an easy solution for the choice of his daughters to practice behavior which can result in that pregnancy. He stands for freedom from the consequences of our actions.

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