Scot Says I’m Conservative

I took the McKnight Hermeneutics survey and scored 51 (despite my Egalitarian answer) which places me in the Conservative Bible reader category. From Leadership Today this means that I am ( !right! )

First, the conservative hermeneutic group scores 52 or lower. The strength of this view is its emphasis on the authority, ongoing and normative authority, of all of Scripture. It tends to operate with the line many of us learned in Sunday school: “If the Bible says it, that settles it.” Such persons let the Bible challenge them with full force. Literal readings lead to rather literal applications. Most of the time.

The problem, of course, is that very few people are completely consistent here. At times one suspects something other than strict interpretation is going on when the conservative is willing to appeal to history to suspend the commandment to observe a Saturday Sabbath, but does not to appeal to history on other issues (e.g., capital punishment or homosexuality).

This is an interesting exercise and it returned to me the results that I expected. Where do you fall?

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