Spurgeon on Assurance of Salvation

Charles Spurgeon“I can understand a man doubting whether he is truly converted or not, but I cannot countenance his apathy in resting quiet till he has solved the riddle…How can you give sleep to your eyelids till you have known it? Not know whether you are in Christ or not; perhaps unreconciled, perhaps condemned already; perhaps on the brink of hell, perhaps with nothing more to keep you out of Hell than the breath that is in your nostrils, or the circulating drop of blood which any one of ten thousand haps or mishaps may stop, and then your career is closed–your life story ended…I entreat thee, I beseech thee, shake off this sluggishness. Ask the Lord to say unto thy soul tonight, “I am thy salvation.” He is able, and He is willing;…He will do it for you when you eagerly seek if from Him.” (Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, vol 63)

Perhaps we all need to entreat and beseech a little more…

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