Saddleback’s Easy Believism: Making a Difference

While Rick Warren and the Saddleback community take a beating for their theology or supposed easy believism, Kay and Rick have done yeomon’s work in using the momentum of their community to address the AIDS issue. Here is a great profile in Good magazine on Kay and the ministry. Many will argue that having perfect doctrine in the non-essentials is the most important thing but, as I read Matthew 25, Jesus does not say examine your doctrine because there will be a test at the end. The only test I see Him mentioning is whether or not we saw Him in the oppressed, the downtrodden, and those in need. Is your theology making a difference? 

2 thoughts on “Saddleback’s Easy Believism: Making a Difference”

  1. In the late 1990’s while researching the subject of “Divorce in the Church”, while visiting many churches in Canada and the USA, I took the opportunity to visit Saddleback and speak with one of their Pastors. I was totally impressed not only with the physical plant, but the spirit of outreach amongst Single Adults. I saw this church as a cutting edge example of how other churches could eliminate unintentional ministry “tunnel vision” and broaden the scope of community missions.

    James C. Tanner

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