The Real Mary: Evangel


 As we come to the fourth chapter of Scot’s book, Mary and the message that she carries about Jesus are appropriately tagged as dangerous. She threatens the powers that were by bringing the news of the powers that will be through her Son. The gospel threatens to rend Jewish society and completely upturn the fragile platform from which the Roman empire exercised its authority over God’s people.

Once again, we must confront a Mary who not just a passive human agent for the incarnation but rather, an active participant in the gospel story. McKnight draws our attention to a verse that is simply read over by some or given a less active sense by others. Luke 2:19 says But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Bock sees Mary silent in receiving the message of the angels while the others around her are amazed. I. Howard Marshall sees a meditative Mary pondering the gravity of the new additions to her already formidable body of knowledge concerning the reality of the child Jesus. She is not thinking with the narrow intent of understanding the latest addition alone but Mary labors to integrate the latest revelation with the gospel already developing in her short history as Blessed.

Mary will not be content to treasure the message in her heart. Her dangerous message is one that she knows must be shared and, despite the threat that she knows it poses to the powers that dictate her condition, she will open her mouth and proclaim what she knows to be true. Mary’s danger should be a part of us today as well. You have a message that threatens the world around you, threatens to bring peace and love and unity where there is only chaos and hatred and division. It is a threat to those who exercise control through the turmoil. Will you be dangerous today?


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