Raising TULIPs II

I wonder if the monergism/synergism debate even needs to occur. In the long run, who really cares except those who engage for fun or profit in the theological underpinnings of the Christian faith? Pastors, professors, and prognosticators have a vested interest in taking a position on one theological system or the other but the effect on the young man who will sit in the front row this Sunday morning is what I’m most concerned about. Does he care? Should he care? 

Paul writes twice in his letter to the Philippians on the profitability of putting aside theological debate for the good of the Church. In 1:15 – 18 he muses about his imprisoned state and the free ability of others to preach Christ for their own personal gain. With sincerity in view, Paul raises his shackled arms wide and says, who cares who preaches the gospel, so long as it gets preached. The motivation behind the act is dismissed as long as Christ gets the glory. 

In 3:15 – 16 Paul moves the debate from the terrestrial to the heavenly by saying that theological discourse will eventually be resolved by God himself. Can we, in our ‘free will’, release the grace debate to God to be sorted out? If we place Christ and His Church above our need to self-identify the result might be an additional skip in our step as we labor in our portion of the Missio Dei. Just thinking…

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  1. Hi,

    I agree with you. I get so tired of the “great debate” over Calvanism vs. Arminianism. Funny thing is, most people don’t even know Arminiest theology, yet if they differ from Calvanists, they are labeled Arminianists by default. How can someone be a follower or disciple of someone they don’t even know or know what he wrote about? I wish we could all just focus on things that REALLY matter….

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  2. That’s what we’re trying to do with our new church, focus on what really matters. We take Mt 25 seriously and we look to see Jesus in the hungry, the imprisoned, the thirsty, etc. It’s much harder than we expected because we continue to run into so many who just want to be fed in church but then never use that energy to feed someone else. Oh well, no one ever said the spiritual path was going to be easy. Thanks for sharing and come back anytime.

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