Midweek Beauty Break ~ Change of Seasons III

Change-of-Seasons-III, originally uploaded by wrachele.

The Forsythia’s golden bells are often the first spot of color as spring begins to unfold before us. The long limbs of the plant cover themselves with a brilliant yellow-gold coat of tiny flowers before the green of summer takes hold. Though temporarily muted by the spring snow, a day or two of Colorado sunshine will revive them and the contest between the Sun and the flower will continue…

Midweek Beauty Break ~ Change of Seasons II

Change-of-Seasons-II, originally uploaded by wrachele.

Against a rather leaden Colorado sky, the Oak leaves hang on. Each is windburned and bleached a deep Sepia from the long winter’s exposure to the sun, one mile closer than most. Soon, the new growth will push the leaves from their safe perch, releasing them to the winds that sweep down off of the Rocky Mountains and out to the plains.