God’s Ground Force by Barbara Sullivan

Often, books about being the Church or how to do Church fly under the radar because they didn’t have the cachet of a well known pastor’s name on the byline. Sometimes they disappear after their first print run and other times they become underground classics like Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness and The Church Unleashed still sought on the second hand market years after they gone out of print. A recent book that has not received the attention it deserves is God’s Ground Force, written by Barbara Sullivan in 2006. The journey from call to full blown ministry as Restoration ministries captivates you from page one as Barbara’s plain-spoken wording invites you to seek out parallels in your own life to her experiences.

The story recounts the variety of growth experiences that formed her church and ministry and gives us many insights on how it affected her family and relationships. Realizing that obedience to God’s call came above all else was the key to her discovery of the ‘more’ in the statement, ‘there has to be more to life.’ By allowing the Spirit to freely guide their choices and actions, the Sullivans have been at the center of a Spirit centered ministry as followers. Contrast this with the marketing approach so many planters take today in which they sense the call but then push the Spirit aside, thinking that once they have been given the assignment they must rely on their own abilities to facilitate the birth and growth of the body.

You can read the book in a day or two but you won’t. At each juncture, you will sense the Spirit prodding you. Perhaps it is with an assignment or a change of course, the secret Barbara reminds us is to turn over the reins to God and let Him run the show. It’s hard to argue with the results she shares on the pages of this fine book. Don’t overlook this one.